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"I bring him a breath of youth and he gives me wisdom"

A life worth sharing!

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We aim to match older people living in the Worcester City area who have a spare room, with students at the University of Worcester who are looking for affordable, comfortable accommodation within easy access of the university.

In return for the room, the student (or homesharer) will provide help around the home for the householder, which will vary for each homeshare. It may include things like cooking, gardening, shopping and simply companionship.

For the householder, they receive the security of having someone close by and help around the home, as well as a contribution towards household bills and the opportunity to learn new skills, such as using computers and the internet.

A scheme developed in partnership with:

University of Worcester Worcestershre County Council

Watch our three short videos that demonstrate some of the benefits of the scheme.

Contact the team for further information about this or if you are interested in participating in the scheme.

01562 733136 |

Contact: Inter Generations Team

01562 733136 |