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Our Employee Development programme ensures that our staff feel valued and supported, allowing them to progress within the Group.

Employee Development

Vestia Training works in partnership The Community Housing Groups (TCHG) Directors and Senior Management Team to agree an annual corporate Training, Learning and Development (TL&D) plan. For TCHG, it is vital that employees have the skills to deliver its ambitious growth plan and quality services to its customers.

Vestia Training wants every colleague at every level of TCHG to be able to fulfil their potential at work, by taking on new challenges or developing their career. To achieve this we provide practical, engaging and motivating learning and development solutions at strategic, technical and operational levels.

As part of our service Vestia manage and coordinate a comprehensive induction programme, and continues to support employees throughout their TCHG career through a range of professional, vocational and personal development training opportunities.

On completion of each TL&D intervention, Vestia monitor the impact and the transfer of learning into the business. This enables us to measure the impact of TCHG TL&D investment and how this contributes to overall business development and growth of the Group.

Contact: Vikki Greenfield - Head of Learning and Development

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